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Monetary and Financial Economics


Content of the course

This course aims at studying the main topics on money banking and financial markets. The content can be decomposed into three main parts: i) Financial markets; ii) Central banking and monetary policy; iii) International finance.

The language of the course is English: classes, presentations and the final exam will all be held in English. Remember always that you do not need to speak a perfect English to write a perfect exam!

This course will closely follow the reference manual: The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets, by F.S. Mishkin. The pedagogical concept consists in alternating theory, debate on current issues with exercises. Classes will be based on slides. Do not forget that slides are just a starting point for discussion and do not substitute nor my lectures nor the manual!

Practical information

Classes: Thursday afternoon
Office hours: on Mondays or Thursdays upon request


Inroduction. Slides here.
Why Study Money, Banking, and Financial Markets?

Financial markets
What Is Money? Slides here.
The Meaning of Interest Rates. Slides here.
The Behavior of Interest Rates. Slides here.
The risk and Term structure of Interest Rates. Slides here.

Central banking and the conduct of monetary policy
Central Banks: A Global Perspective (presentations)
The Money Supply Process. Slides here.
Tools of Monetary Policy. Slides here.
The Conduct of Monetary Policy: Strategy and Tactics. Slides here.

International finance and monetary policy
The Foreign Exchange Market. Slides here.
The International Financial System. Slides here.

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