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International trade


Winter semester 2014.

Course outline


- Feenstra and Taylor (2008), International trade, Worth Publishers (NY).
- Krugman and Obstfeld (8th edition), International economics, Addison-Wesley.
- Mucchielli and Mayer (2nd edition), Economie Internationale, Dalloz. New edition also.

Location & schedule of the lectures:
first semester,
10h-13h at Sorbonne, Room D642

Tutorials (TDs) in English:

Brochure in English
Brochure in French
Files for TD2

TD magistére:
Tuesday 11h-12h30: room 18 at MSE (Metro Campo-Formio).
TD magistére:
Tuesday 14h00-15h30: room 116 at MSE (Metro Campo-Formio).
TD 8:
Wednesday 9h30-11h: room 16 at Panthéon, with Ugo Gragnolati.
TD ENS Cachan:
Wednesday 9h00-10h30: S/2 at MSE, with Gianluca Orefice.
TD HEC: Thursday 14h30-16h: C1810 PMF, with Margarita Lopez.
TD 10: Monday, 14h-15h30, F610, Sorbonne, with Margarita Lopez.

My office hours:

Tuesday afternoon at MSE, by appointment.

Last year exam:

Final exam, January 2014

Plan of the course

Slides are available in the following. Notice however that slides are a starting point for discussion and not a manual!
Notice also that the slides will be updated/corrected after each class.

1) Introduction
Class 1

2) The Balance of payments
Class 2

Read also:
IMF (1996), Balance of Payments
Textbook, Washington D.C..
Purchasing power: an alternative Big Mac index. The Economist 20.8.2009

3) Trade indicators of specialization
Class 3

4) The standard model of trade
Class 4
Read also :
Offer curves

Lerner diagram

5) Ricardo
Class 5

6) The H-O model
Class 6

7) Trade policies under perfect competition
Class 7

8) Production factors mobiity
Class 8
Immigration in UK
, The Economist

9) International trade and imperfect competition.
Class 9

10) Monopolistic competition and Cournot
Class 10

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